Why Airfox?

Understand why it is awesome:

Airfox is the only browser that has a modern and useful environment, supports all of the famous plugins (like Flash and Java), and is very fast, free and consistent. Before the release of Airfox, it was impossible to find a browser that combines all the above features. Now, Airfox is the solution to this problem. Try it and see for yourself.

Easy to use with a useful and uncluttered user interface:

The user interface of Airfox is simple and easy to use. There isn’t something that you won’t be able to understand.


Unlike other browsers, Airfox loads pages very quickly without lagging or crashing. How upset do you feel when your browser lags when you are playing the last level of your favorite game? Now, this will never happen again. Try Airfox and see yourself!


Unlike other browsers that capture every part of your web activity, Airfox would never do such a thing. This means that every part of your daily browsing (like e-banking) won’t be captured by Airfox. If you are unsure about the privacy of Airfox, click the Airfox menu and select “Clear Browsing Data”.


Unlike other browsers that use your computer’s resources for no reason, Airfox uses as little as possible system resources. This means that Airfox is faster and you will be also able to have more windows/tabs opened in the same time.

E-mail Client:

Airfox has a fast and easy to use e-mail client. It supports the most popular e-mail providers (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com).

HTML Editor:

Airfox allows you to write code in HTML and then, it will compile it for you.


Airfox allows you to customize it in order to fit your needs. To change the Airfox’s settings, click the menu button and select settings. If you don’t know much about computers, then you should not change the “Advanced Settings”.

Not just a browser:

Airfox contains many other features that you will enjoy using. Airfox combines a lot of useful applications in one.

Fly through the air. Fly through Airfox.