Tired of slow browsing experience?

If you are tired of slow browsing experience, then Airfox is the best browser for you. It is extremely fast, compatible with your favorite add-ons (like Adobe Flash, Java and Unity WebPlayer), is easy to use and -of course- free! Learn why Airfox is the best browser available by clicking here.

How can I download Airfox?

To download Airfox, click the “Download” page, or click here.

All your favorite features are still here

All the features that your previous browser had are still here: bookmarks, back/forward buttons, refresh/stop buttons, address bar, multiple windows/tabs, file downloader, help, e-mail client, HTML editor,  news feed, settings (for beginners, like homepage settings and “Advanced Settings” for experienced with computers users) and much more plus a very beautiful, fast and easy to use user interface.

Not just a browser

Airfox has more features than a typical browser. Here are some of the extra features you will find in Airfox:

  • E-mail client
  • HTML Editor
  • News feed
  • and much more!

Airfox: Slick Browsing

Have a look at the page “Why Airfox” by clicking here to find out why Airfox is the best browser around.

Fly through the air. Fly through Airfox.